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14 August 2009 @ 03:44 am
Sherrilyn Kenyon signing...  
originally posted at my lj. Just wanted to share my experience & find out if anyone has been to an SK signing. Please feel free to comment or make your own post!

The AG @ Burbank! on TwitpicI had a blast last week at the SK signing for Bad Moon Rising in Burbank. It was held at the Burbank Library so there was more room & Sherri had to give her talk one time.

Which sucked for me since I was late! boo to me!!

Anyway, this signing was the most fun because I ran into some K-Con peeps. So, I was not alone in my SK madness, which is always a good thing to know I'm not the only crazy out there! lol

I got to see Kaz, Whitney, Shame, & Wendy. I met for the first time Wendy (Isis_Nocturne) from twitter, who gave me some awesome ComicCon swag! I will try to add pix later of that. We also met Chris and Teresa there. Like I said, it was nice to have company this time around.

Most fun: Showing Sherri the text pic Christine sent of herself with a sign saying she missed her & wanted her to go back to NY/NJ. Sherri LOVED it! She asked that I send it to the email thingy...which I did, C!!! Also, SK took a pic of me in my Ash manga shirt, which I love! *sigh* Me with my big ole self...but hey, I'll live!

Dianne calling numbers for swag. on TwitpicI stuck around to get my bookmarks signed. Snagged extra buttons to send to peeps. Dianna Love was there handing out swag for which I had some drama over. lol I was told late into the drawings that my # had been called for a BMR limited polo shirt that some gentleman won. I was sick. SICK I tell you! So I asked for a new #...and then my old # was called. bwaaahahaha! Dianna was awesome about it...totally teasing about it! good times!

I won a BAD passport & a wiggle bracelet. I love them. Again...I'll try to add pix of those later as well.

So that was my adventure...and it always is when I head out to LA. I always feel like Alice going down the rabbit hole! There are always detours, traffic...missed exits. Yeah.

I finished BMR...it's good. Fang was not what I expected...thank the AG!!! lol Had a couple of good Simi moments, and I really like Aimee. Thorn is badass awesome. Can't wait to see how that plays out. More set up for Nick & the Malachi, daylight Daimons, & I ♥ Savitar!
(trying not to give away too many spoilers!) O.O


I'm very excited for K-Con! New Orleans here I come! ...now if I could just buy that plane ticket! gah!!
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