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09 March 2008 @ 11:54 pm
Ash speculation...  

Who is Ash's heroine?

I was reading through SK's letter attached to Fear the Darkness short story about Nick, and she mentioned that Ash's heroine is in the Dream-Hunter.

I just read that like a week ago, and DMC...so I was getting them mixed up. But...was thinking about the females that showed up in the book, and I came up with 2 possiblities...
Thia or Tory.

My bet is Tory.

Mostly because I like her better, and Thia is just too damn shallow and like Artemis in too many ways, besides looks, to count.

I think it's Tory. ...and it seems that the timelines jump around from Dream-Hunter to DMC like about 10 yrs, so...yeah...it's plausible that it could be Tory.

Anyone else have any thoughts about this?

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